Tuesday, December 4

Acid Reflux Relief Can Be Dangerous

Yes, even the very thing that’s supposed to bring you relief from the discomfort and pain of acid reflux symptoms can sometimes hurt you further. You should realize that taking strong prescription medications can have serious side effects, and are not usually made of natural ingredients but of chemicals that can have unexpected impact on the body. As well, they tend to only treat the symptoms, and not correct the problem that is causing the symptoms in the first place. While you may be glad of the temporary acid reflux relief, medications may not be a long-term solution.

The problem in acid reflux is that the body is failing to close off the esophagus from the stomach, so that foods you eat begin to mix with stomach acids as they should, but then sometimes begin to come back into the throat. Most medications taken for acid reflux relief just make the stomach produce less acid, so that it doesn’t hurt the esophagus as much. But you need the stomach acids to digest your foods properly. The natural balance of your digestive system is upset by this, and while you may get some temporary acid reflux relief, in the long run you can create more problems for yourself.

Antacids - Acid Reflux Relief or Not?

Antacids are named to indicate that they are used for acid reflux relief, but are they? They work by neutralizing stomach acids, but then your body ahs a hard time digesting some foods, and also in getting the proper nutrients and vitamins out of the foods you do digest. Antacids make it especially difficult for your body to absorb vitamin B and iron, which are very important for your health. It won’t do you much good to be free of acid reflux symptoms only to get sick from something else.

Antacids are best left for use for occasional heartburn. For permanent acid reflux relief, try changing your diet to include less acidic foods, do not eat large meals, avoid fast foods and any foods that are high in fat or sugar, and avoid very spicy foods. These changes may also help you lose weight, which is great because weight loss is also recommended as a step toward acid reflux relief. Cut down or avoid drinking alcohol and coffee, and stop smoking. These will bring you the acid reflux relief you are looking for

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