Thursday, November 29

Acid Reflux Food Plans

Millions of people suffer from acid reflux, and while there are many medications that may help to treat the symptoms, most just offer relief from the pain. Antacids, meant for heartburn, can make the problem worse in the long run, as the stomach acids are needed to digest the foods you eat. Actually curing the underlying problem can be more difficult, but is not impossible. When suffering from acid reflux food that you eat will often make the problem worse. Learning which foods to avoid can be very helpful, so you may wish to develop a personal acid reflux food plan, as well as incorporating a few other simple lifestyle changes that may help you to feel better.

Your Acid Reflux Food Plan

The first step in your own acid reflux food should be to notice which of the foods you presently eat tend to make your symptoms worse. Commonly these will include spicy and high-fat foods, as well as foods high in acidity, such as tomatoes or other fruits and vegetables. Eating a lower-fat diet, avoiding very spicy choices, and choosing different vegetables will help quite a lot. Eating more whole grains is very helpful, and avoiding fast foods should be included in any acid reflux food plan.

Other items that are known to exacerbate acid reflux include alcohol and caffeine. Try cutting down on drinking alcoholic drinks and coffee, and you may find it makes a big difference. Stopping smoking will help as well; while this is not food, it still affects your health.The timing and frequency of your meals is also important. If you eat just three large meals a day it probably makes the symptoms worse. Try eating more meals per day, but smaller meals each time. Eating too large an amount at one sitting makes your stomach produce more acid, which is the last thing you want. Eating more frequently means your stomach won’t have to be totally empty for very long, which can sometimes also cause pain, because it means there is nothing to mix with the stomach acids and keep them from burning your throat.

These lifestyle changes that start with an acid reflux food plan can bring welcome relief from the pain and distress of acid reflux. Remember to check with your doctor before making any major changes to your diet.

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