Wednesday, September 12

Chest Pain

Almost every acid reflux sufferer experiences severe chest pains. It is so common to experience chest pain due to acid reflux that sometimes when people are actually having a heart attack they think it’s just acid reflux again and therefore don’t go to the hospital or get proper medical care.

Chest Pain or None in Acid Reflux – What’s the Difference?

In acid reflux sufferers who have chest pains, there doesn’t seem to be a difference in levels of acid, nor in the levels of aggravation of acid reflux when compared to acid reflux sufferers who don’t have chest pain. Right now it’s a mystery to doctors as to why some people experience acid reflux and chest pain while some only have the acid reflux. But dealing with the acid reflux is the same either way.

Acid reflux and chest pain can be dangerous if it’s not treated right, as well as being terrible uncomfortable. When acid leaves the stomach, is gathers in the esophagus or alimentary canal. The acid has to be neutralized, or eventually it will damage the esophagus and you’ll get bleeding ulcers – painful! So doctors are cautious to check the acid levels in the stomach and esophagus both before the treatment and during it, to make sure no damage is being done.

Dealing with Acid Reflux and Chest Pain Quickly and Easily

As soon as you are diagnosed with acid reflux and chest pain, you can get treatment that will relieve your symptoms and make you feel much better right away. Whether you are choosing traditional medications, or alternative treatments like herbal medicine, you’ll find the best first step is to stop smoking or drinking alcohol. It’s also important to eat small meals and snacks, more than three times a day. This will ensure that your stomach is never empty – an empty stomach will tend to produce more acid later when you do get to eat – and more acid is the last thing the acid reflux and chest pain sufferer wants! Try carrying small snacks with you at all times, because you never know when you might find yourself in a long meeting or heavy traffic.

In combination with your prescribed medications, if you eat smaller, more frequent meals, and stop drinking and smoking, you’ll find your acid reflux and chest pain much easier to manage.

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